Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

We know from years of experience that sensitive and challenging events sometimes stretch beyond our capability. LifeWorks’ service means that we can confidently recommend that both employees and line managers make contact and work through their issues supported by the wide range of professional experts available.

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Personal issues can have a major impact on your people’s work, which can result in absence or distraction. This adds up to a cost to your business, not just in hours lost, but in loss of productivity or engagement.

LifeWorks, a proactive EAP

Ceridian LifeWorks is a proactive resource that helps your people, your managers, and their families with day-to-day issues, from finding childcare or financial advice right through to health assessments, counselling and crisis management in emergency situations. With 24/7 telephone support, online services and a mobile app, LifeWorks is a valuable, practical Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for your people, and proves itself with a positive impact on your business. Your managers and supervisory staff will equally benefit, as their time will be freed up from dealing with these issues.

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Our network of experienced professionals, counsellors and experts is backed up by a comprehensive online resource, which provides tip sheets, self assessment tools, and a wealth of information that is available to all of your people and their families.

Employee Support KnowHow

Ceridian’s LifeWorks Employee Assistance Programme is a very cost effective means of providing support for our staff who may be experiencing problems in or outside of the workplace. We also get regular detailed usage reports which respect the confidentiality of users, but also help us to evaluate effectiveness.

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Our strength in depth is backed up with experience in some of the largest and most comprehensive EAP provisions in the world. For example, we are working alongside one of the world’s leading banks to maximise employee take-up around the globe, using local knowledge to handle sensitive issues. In the UK, we also helped their people cope with the shootings in Cumbria in 2010 and the tsunami in Japan in 2011.

This KnowHow also supports businesses going through major change. When internal upheaval affects people, the negative impact on productivity can be harmful. Managers can point employees to our LifeWorks EAP, and its specialist advisors.

Through our Employee Support KnowHow, your business will benefit tangibly from Ceridian’s decades of experience. We’ll provide you with usage reports, which allow you to get a more detailed picture of trends within your organisation, and evaluate effectiveness of the EAP.

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Our KnowHow

Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) solution is part of our Employee Support "KnowHow".