Enhance employee engagement with Ceridian’s
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), LifeWorks. It will help your employees achieve work-life balance, improve their productivity and well-being.


We’re delighted to announce our joint venture to create an industry first engagement and wellness power brand. Read more.

Our EAP Services



Empower employees with EAP and work-life support and build a resilient and productive workforce.

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Training and Support Services

Educate and equip employees with work and life skills through our series of online seminars.

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LifeWorks Employee Portal

Proactive, self-help information and tools to encourage positive change and support employee wellbeing.

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Critical and Significant Incidents

Prevent or minimise the impact of emotional distress in employees caused by traumatic events.

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Why Choose LifeWorks?

Read our ten reasons for choosing LifeWorks as your Employee Assistance Programme and see what our service users and customers have to say.

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