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Ceridian’s Employee Assistance Programme, LifeWorks, enables your business to raise engagement and productivity levels with emotional and practical support for your people.

Our EAP Services

24/7 telephone support

Telephone support for employees and their families.
Our work-life consultants and counsellors are on hand 365 days a year to provide telephone support to your employees and their families with issues covering life, health, family, work and money.


Critical incident support.

Immediate support – on-site or by phone.
Following an incident (for example the death of a colleague, or a major national disaster) a team of counsellors can be assembled to offer immediate confidential support for those affected, either on-site or by phone.


Online resources & communications

Online resource always accessible at
Your employees and their families can access our comprehensive online resource, which provides practical and support information in the form of articles, podcasts, booklets, a health encyclopaedia, self-assessments and audio recordings.

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Employee counselling

Support on short-term issues affecting work and life.
Our experienced counsellors can offer emotional and practical information and support on short-term issues affecting work and life; including confidential face-to-face, telephone and online counselling sessions.


LifeWorks mobile app

Information and support on the go.
The valuable resources on are also accessible on the LifeWorks mobile app; so your employees can access information and request the support they need while they’re on the go, whenever and wherever they need it.

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Absence management

Measure and track absence records.
For example, are employees taking short-term leave, or is there a wider issue with long-term sickness? What are the main causes of absence? Is it stress or back pain? This information will dictate the right interventions to counter the issues effectively.

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Success Stories

EAP success

  • We’ve been delivering our EAP for over 15 years, and now provide emotional and practical support to over one million people.
  • We handle over 18,000 calls a year from users of LifeWorks.
  • We’ve supported organisations and their employees through more than 45 critical incidents, including the Cumbria shootings in 2010 and tsunami in Japan in 2011.
  • We were the first EAP to introduce a mobile app meaning employees can get support on the go.

User success stories

It’s the users of Ceridian’s EAP who are best able to explain the positive impact and support it offers.
Read their stories:

EAP benefits

  • LifeWorks is a cost-effective employee benefit that can enhance staff recruitment and retention.
  • Employees can access immediate assistance on issues that may be affecting their emotional health or wellbeing – there are no waiting lists.
  • Different counselling options mean time pushed employees can get support in the way that best suits them.
  • Online resources allow employees to proactively address and self-manage their issues, and are created by specialist experts.
  • Regular usage reports across all of LifeWorks’ services, will allow you to get a more detailed picture of trends within your organisation, and help you evaluate effectiveness.
  • Reduce absence and prevent long-term sickness issues, as well as reduce and manage stress and more significant mental health issues.
  • LifeWorks can be integrated with other existing healthcare providers aiding a better employee experience and supporting return to work.
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